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Here at 12 Fires we believe in Texas grown grapes and their ability to change the face of the wine industry. That is why we will always seek to make the finest Texas grapes into world class wines.

Texans have always done things differently and we are Texas to the core. We have sourced our first season of grapes from all over the state getting a little exposure to our clients for what Texas can really offer.

Friendships forged in fire are strong and so is our burning desire to produce high-quality, 100% Texas wines.

Our pride

12 Fires Vineyard

Our new Vineyard is being planted this spring! Tons of groundwork has gone into our small 2 acre planting area and will soon be the home to Albarino and Mourvedre vines.

``You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do.`` Jerry Garcia


12 Fires Founders Collection


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Address: 100 Durango, Johnson City TX 78636

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